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Verona 40cm oak extensions

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You can save £349.00 off Verona 40cm oak extensions when you shop with us. To save over 78% off click on the red link below. Verona 40cm oak extensions is in our furniture category. Deal price correct as of saturday 28th of july.

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Details: The verona 40cm solid oak extensions are designed to use with the verona 120cm solid oak dining table. these convenient extension panels add extra length to your verona table, creating space for 2 more people at the table. crafted from solid oak with a subtle finger-jointed design, the extensions simply slot into each end of the table and are stored separately when not in use. the verona extension leaves are finished in a gentle oil to reflect the finish of the tables. measurements:  l: 40cm w: 80cm h: 3cm materials: solid oak

Brand name: Oak furniture superstore

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