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Photo of My fairy garden lilypad flowerpot house gardens

My fairy garden lilypad flowerpot house gardens

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Details: Lily is the summer fairy. she loves flowers and nature and greeting the sun on a bright summer’s morning. ‘lilypad gardens’ is the perfect address for lily and her froggy friend to live. this enchanting flowerpot house has its own moat and drawbridge. flowers can be grown in the top part of the pot and beneath is the spacious fairy home. her house will be even more special if you make her some hand-made furniture from items you can find or recycle. lilypad gardens can be used indoors or outdoors and comes complete with the house, a fairy figurine, her frog companion and an activity guide to create a magical scene. depth: 130 mm height: 275 mm width: 350 mm age range: 4+ warning message: warning: not suitable for children under 3 years features 'lily', the summer fairy and her frog companion. comes with a functional door so that lily can enter her flowerpot home via the drawbridge across the moat. combines imaginative and creative play with the fun of growing flowers i

Brand name: My fairy garden

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