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Photo of Mottisfont waxed 3ft dresser -metal-

Mottisfont waxed 3ft dresser -metal-

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You can save £880.07 off Mottisfont waxed 3ft dresser -metal- when you shop with us. To save over 53% off click on the red link below. Mottisfont waxed 3ft dresser -metal- is in our furniture category. Deal price correct as of wednesday 12th of july.

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Details: Waxed pine 3' dresser - mottisfont mdr27ab a made to order 3' dresser also available seperately in an off white, blue, green and cream with choice of wooden knobs or metal handles. this dresser can be made with a straight pelmet rather than a scalloped one - please call for details. material: waxed pine style: country height: 2000 mm width: 920 mm depth: 490 mm

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