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Photo of Lowepro ultraplate 208 - black- black

Lowepro ultraplate 208 - black- black

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Details: This joby ultraplate 208 lets you configure your dslr or compact system camera in different ways with various accessories, opening up all kinds of practical and creative options.versatile camera accessoryyou'll be able to use this baseplate with almost any tripod or ballhead - it features the universal arca-swiss-style dovetail for quick mounting.multiple ¼” mounting holes let you put gear where you want, including flash, video, light, mic or action cam or gopro (with a secondary arm). use one of these holes to attach any quick-release plate.keeps photography flexiblefit it to your camera body via the ¼” mounting screw which can be moved along a horizontal slot, allowing the plate to be shifted depending on camera width and which accessories you're using.the high-grade machined-aluminium design is strong and durable without adding unnecessary weight to your setup, so you get the benefit of different mounting choices without being weighed down. there's even a specific place to att

Brand name: Lowepro

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