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Photo of Black decker 7.2 v lithium-ion floor sweeper - grey- black

Black decker 7.2 v lithium-ion floor sweeper - grey- black

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You can save £160.00 off Black decker 7.2 v lithium-ion floor sweeper - grey- black when you shop with us. To save over 80% off click on the red link below. Black decker 7.2 v lithium-ion floor sweeper - grey- black is in our vacuum cleaners category. Deal price correct as of tuesday 13th of february.

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Details: Top features: - 360° steering makes for easy manoeuvrability on both carpets and hard flooring - adjustable handle to suit your height and reach under furniture - hygienic emptying via easy bowl release 360° steering steer your way around all floor types with ease. the 7.2 v lithium-ion floor sweeper is simple to use and feels incredibly light. adjustable handling the 7.2 v lithium-ion floor sweeper is equipped with a fully adjustable handle to suit your height, allowing you to stand comfortably while sweeping floor surfaces. set handle to your preferred height and clean under furniture and hard to reach areas with ease. hygienic emptying easy to release dust bowl ensures that you don't come into contact with dirt and dust when the time comes to empty the sweeper's dirt container.

Brand name: Black + decker

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